As I don't seem to have any time anymore to constantly edit and up date the items on my site, I am having to close the non-Rocky horror pages. If I win the lottery or suddenly find I have a spare day in the week (LOL) I will open the other pages back up. Sorry to disappoint those of you who have been waiting for the other parts of the site to open but I'm afraid Life has once again interfered!!!

For those who need to know, the pictures below are buttons (CLICKABLE GIF's) that will take you to different parts of my site!

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Dr Scotts Extra Forks Home Page

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Me as some of my favorite characters!

There has not been much time to try and and update these pages - what little time I have had on the web has had to be spent on the Rocky Horror pages.
(And even then I have not done much updating to them!)


As always if there's anything you like (or don't like) about my site please do tell me in either a personal email or on the guestbook.

TTFN Hope you find something you like!

PS Thanks for the construction gif Davy!
PPS If I've used any Gifs, Jpegs, or other stuff and you recognise it as yours feel free to let me know and I'll either credit you with it or remove it.
Sorry in advance!

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