At The Con Were These Fantastic Japanese Fans

They'll never win the cozzie prizes,because they are not copies of the film

But they are aBSoLutLy FabULOuS!!!

The Riff Raff is called Shinya Kibe (Shiny), The Other Gentleman is Eddie Nozaki, and the beautiful woman is Eddies wife Candy Sanaye. Eddie & Candy are the lead vocalists for a ROCKY dedicated band called "MORO-DASHI PEEWEES" (They are the only ROCKY dedicated band since the demise of "TRANSEXUAL GLAMOUR").They are wearing their stage costumes Eddie is Frank and Candy is a Transylvanian. They are all also members of the Japanese fanclub [LIP'S]. This was the club which produced "Transexual Glamour" who played at the 20th celebrations in LA.(Unfortunatly now disbanded)I have put a link to their home page in my links section,accessable from my index page.

Thanks to Shiny himself & Ruth Fink-Winter for this info.Enjoy these photos!

Candy As A Tranny And Eddie As Frank!
Don't you Just Love them To Bits!

As you will see if you visit the [LIP'S] site there are quite a few photos of multiple Magentas, Franks etc on stage at the same time. Shiny tells me that this policy is a "Nobody should be rejected when he wants to play the same role. Just Do It."
FAB way to run things - as Richard says "DON'T DREAM IT, BE IT!"

I just Couldn't resist getting A Photo of this Gorgous Creature
(and she's fab too!!!)
Just Kidding Smiliee

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As you can now see - Pleas on The NET DO get results
Thanks Shiny & Ruth For all your help!

Martin Fairgrieve