Two Views of Saff In NYC

3 Forks Make it to the door of THE VAULT!

Some stuff from the Vault!

NY Casts' Kim as Miss Worlds End

Some Of The FANtastic Japanese Rocky People!

More Franks Than You Can Shake a Stick At!!!


Would we/wouldn't we - oh what a terrible dilemma! Well in the end Emma and I said "We would" (but that's another story!), and we also decided to go to New York - as has been pointed out before almost a second home to Ooor M! Then came the news that the organisers were asking Little Nell as their main Guest, well that was Saffron sold on the venture. At this stage accommodation was not too much of an issue. Could we stay at Franks in Brooklyn? - Possibly. Could we stay in Quads room in the hotel? - Certainly! (but she'd only be there for the Con Weekend) - But wait Quad may be getting an appt in NYC, great - crashing space!
Then Ian who had been harbouring thoughts of going to NYC convinced Derek to go as well Now we were 5! Getting a hotel was a must. Then Neil decided "Hey a rolling bandwagon - must jump on!". And now we are 6! Neil had noticed an advert in the internal BBC magazine "Ariel" selling a company who let appartments out round the world and had places in NYC with there being 6 of us the cost would be reasonable. OK that was accommodation sorted, a good flight deal was found. New York didn't have a clue what was about to hit it!


The Antici..........pation grew as time passed. And all too soon we were on our way. But at the last minute a plaintive voice in the wilderness - "Can I come too?" Layla was not to be left out of the frenzy that would be

After giving New York a good Forking through the week running up to the Con we were ready, just about, to face our Public, many of whom we only knew over the internet and as email contacts. Friday morning - Breakfast with Quad - what can we say? It was PHAT!!! (all this new patter to learn!!!). Just time to catch "Lost In Space" while the girls have a Dying session!!! Then off to the Marriot, Financial Centre - in very quick succession are introduced to Ruth Finkwinter, Larry Viezel, and about 4 million other people who just happened to be in the lobby at that point (and I'm sure that some of them weren't "Rocky" fans - still "Peace & Love To all"!!!). You know it's quite disconcerting to be recognised OUT of costume, - thanks Larry, but it's still a buzz being told how great your costume is - even when you're not wearing it!

Saturday dawned bright and early, Saff had been lied to about the proposed time we were leaving! (A necessary evil!!!) M arrived at 11am and that completed our foursome going to THE VAULT.M as Frank, Layla as Magenta, Saff as Columbia and Me as Eddie.A yellow cab ride away (And didn't it confuse the cab driver!) and we joined the queue. Inside the Vault was, first the merchandise area and then the main staging area and finally the bar. M was to be our representative in the pre-show stakes, so off she went to find someone in charge (read - Bill Brennan!) to find out what the order of artists would be. The rest of us fell into what everyone else was doing, finding friends and making new ones! Apart from a few hiccups with the sound system the festivities got off to a great beginning with Perry Pollie doing a few of his numbers. Then another NY drag act (with hair that Lilly Savage would have envied) took to the stage performing to Aqua's "Barbie Girl" - as Dominatrix Barbie!!! Amongst the other Pre-shows was a group who performed a local news channel's report of the events of "Rocky..." It was so well put together and it was even more impressive when you realise that the whole thing was driven by a video recording that was playing at a fixed rate - so any mistakes would have knocked the whole thing out - an excellent item! Another performance worthy of note was Kim, She WAS Miss World's End, the "Beauty Queen" character from Little Nell that graces the start (and end) of "The Alternative Miss World" film. (Making Saff green eyed - she's always wanted to do that number!) Of course we couldn't forget to mention Ooor M as Frank as Sally Bowles doing "Mien Herr" - almost flawless except for that BLOODY chair! Then it was time to clear the stage for the guest of the day enter Nell Campbell - 7 months pregnant and looking as radiant as could be! A true trooper (and total lovvie!!!) answered all questions put to her, no matter how stupid or banal they were. and before we knew it the Q&A was over and a mad rush to get her autograph before she dashed off into the sunset. A live shadow cast performance of Shock Treatment closed the day portion of the con.

The night part of the con, was to be a major headache for the organisers and an absolute joy and oodles of fun for the rest of us!!! Going up to perform was fantastic - as you went up people were saying "Hi I'm so 'n' so and I'll be playing such 'n' such, how do you do?!!" that was fantastic. Then before we knew it, the show was over and it was back to the hotel for some after show fun! Most folk seemed to end up in Quads room (if you don't know her find her at a con and say HI!). By the time I arrived - having surfed round a few other rooms first (I know I'm such a social butterfly!) the party was in full swing, Quad was at least three sheets to the wind ad going for a fourth. She was playing cards with her room mates they were playing strip poker and despite being told on numerous occasions that they were cheating Quad continued to play! by this time there was not much left for her to take off. A final cheat and all that's left is QUADS UNDIES!!!

(Press here for the evidence!)

7.30am and it's finally time to call the con to a close and wend our weary way home to 52nd street. A final dinner with friends old and new at Houlahans and then we were on our way home to Blighty! New York already becoming a memory - sniff, sniff!

Still lets look to the future...

Updated: 02/01/04