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Queen Margaret Union Show 1st June 1999

by Emma

Following our winter '98 "Grand Tour of Scotland" (well we did perform at 6 different venues all over the place), we had not done the show since the Asylum on March 22nd. Everyone was, so to speak, chomping at the bit… There was also the big Photo Shoot approaching… a friend of Scary Neil (our kick-ass Riff Raff) was a photography student who had a project to complete - a study of a theatrical group (i.e. us!) in various stages of planning a production - inception, rehearsal, design, performance. Anyway we planned to be rehearsing over May (and being photographed in the process), and then to have a show to work to in early June. So that's how this one came about.

Sadly the photo shoots and rehearsals never came together. The student was a single parent with a million and one other commitments, and the project was a non-starter. However, there was still a show, which was already booked and organized. So - let's do it - for the sheer hell of it! - and boy did we do it!

The film screening itself was organised by our sister organisation, the Fleapit Film Club who screened cult and bizarre underground films in various venues around the city (including the Rockys at Divally's). We decided to hold it at the Queen Margaret Student Union, the weirder and gothier of Glasgow's University's 2 Unions. The reason? Well, Qudos (the QM's main disco/ hall) has a HUGE big fuck-off video screen. (Fleapit committee members had had their eye on that one for a while) And a stage. And a very, very cheap bar…

So the venue was booked, the film was booked, posters were posted, flyers were … flied, tickets were sold!

The other excitement we had for the show was the presence of a camera crew from Channel 4 TV. Our cast director, emcee and kick-ass Eddie, Martin, had told them about the show - he was going to be featured in a Channel 4 series called Treasures (about people with collections) and they came along to see what it was all about!

The pre-show numbers were the Abba standard Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) plus the ever-popular YMCA. Every time it's performed, it gets a little bit naughtier. (Does your mother know about this, young man?) The audience (some in costume!) pre-shows, introduction, and virgin sacrifice were all captured on film (well, tape) by the Channel 4 guys who seemed to be having a great time, and seemed genuinely disappointed that the light wasn't strong enough to film the shadow-cast.

The show itself was, as usual, a lot of fun. Over the intense run of shows the previous winter, the Forks built up a strong and happy cast. The cast for the evening:

Riff....Scary Neil
Magenta /Trixie....Layla
Dr Scott....Chris
Transylvanian....Jenny from Dunblane (her first Forks show)

All the Forks were in their usual roles, except for our (at that point, almost regular) Brad, Eddie (yes, its confusing) who was conveniently sent on a management training course in Birmingham the day of the show! Our (at that point, almost regular) Dr Scott, Andy, couldn't make it either. Brad's role was taken by the multi-faceted Jennie (who seemed capable of doing any role at 5 minutes notice!) and our stand-in for Dr Scott was Chris, who impressed us all immensely since he'd only seen the film once or twice, and didn't know any of the words. He took his bow with a WALK across the stage - Its A Miracle (!!!) - to rapturous applause.

We were also joined by a new friend, Jenny Kinloch who traveled all the way from Dunblane (and back again) to take part in the show, and who would eventually become a long-standing member of the cast. Hoopla Jenny! All in all it was a great night, we had lots of fun doing the show, we had a couple of new costumes/ gags to show off (the sonic transducer I built for the Asylum show now lit up as well as spewing coloured ribbons into the tank! I was so chuffed!) and after packing up all the costumes, cleaning up the hall , we got a much-appreciated chance to kick back and relax in the (very cheap!) bar.

Afterwards it was full steam ahead… For the Whitby show on August 7th.

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