Name: Barry Wakenshaw

Age: 20
Regular Character:Brad
Other Characters played:Riff
Join date: Divally's 2000

Barry has no nicknames (Altogether: Aaaaaawwwww –Ed). The farmyard animal, Barry would most like to have sex with is a monkey (I know, I know, but maybe he’s from a different farmyard! – Ed). If he were invisible for a day he’s go to a “Rocky...” convention with a large bag marked “SWAG”! He won’t answer the question as to who the sexiest Fork is on the grounds it’ll incriminate him! Apparently fishnets are sexier not ripped but not new, and the “Rocky...” character he’d most like to date is Rocky. He’s not sure whose organ in his body is his favourite! He’d most like to be stuck on a desert Island with Alan Cumming, listening to “Tainted Love” by Marc Almond, eating a spicy pizza, followed by a Twirl bar washed down with Vodka and Coke. The secret to happiness and indeed Life itself is/are sequins. His funniest moment as a Fork was when he was nude sledging out side a Police Station at 3am! If he didn’t do “Rocky...” he’d probably be dead in a gutter somewhere.

Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight? That would be telling