Cameo Cinema Edinburgh
30th August 1996

By Emma

Martin and I went to Edinburgh during the Festival, visited Saff, and timed our visit to get to this screening. There were several phone calls to the cinema to find out if we could introduce the show. Frank's Angels (the Edinburgh cast) by this point were no more.

In the end we showed up, asked nicely, and just did it. Because it was the night of the huge end-of-Festival fireworks display there were only about 30 people there, including a few ex Franks Angels, some of the "FAGs" (Franks Angels Groupies, who later became Eddie's Teddies) and some members of the Circus of Horrors which was in town.

I did Riff, Martin did Eddie, Saff was Trixie and Columbia, plus from the Angels Leanne was Magenta and Lesley was Frank.

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