Name: Cathy Gardner

Age: old enough to know better
Eternal Student, university lecturer, civil servant and shop assistant.
Regular Character:
Other Characters played:
Anybody required (especially at short notice)
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October 2001

Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?No, but I've skinny dipped with him!

Cathy wouldn't admit to any nicknames (That says it all!!!-Ed).But she would admit to wishing to kiss a young Clark Gable, and her favourite song is anything by Led Zeppelin. Her Husband features heavily as not only is he the one she would like to be stuck on a desert island with, he's the farmyard animal she would most like to have sex with. He plays Brad and that's the character from "Rocky…" she would most like to date! Her funniest moment as a Fork was running around a cinema in Manchester in her underwear and trying not to fall over. The secret to life itself is having sex (no argument here!!!-Ed), and she's not looking for the secret to happiness. Onto food and drink, a Picnic spreads her sheet for chocolate, Vodka is her drink of choice and a vegetarian pizza with lots of mushrooms would set her favourite organ (the Spleen) a tingle. There is a tie for the sexiest Fork - Saff and Em, and Fishnets are definitely sexiest ripped, and if she didn't do "Rocky…" she'd be a lot wealthier, and probably not as notorious!