Columbia 2

Name: Debz

Age: 20
Occupation: Student nurse!
Regular Character: Columbia
Other Characters played:American Gothic, Madge, Tranny, Superheros & Janet
Join date: June 2000

Let’s begin with Debz nicknames: Tart, Lush, Slapper, Boozehound...Well you get the picture! (This sets the scene quite well for Oor Debz – Ed). If she were to have sex with a farmyard animal it’s gotta be a horsey! (Have you seen the size of their pink Uzis!?). Fishnets are OOOOOH! Sexier ripped! The sexiest Fork is Blondie and his amazing inflatable breasts. She would most like to date Frankie baby from “Rocky...” The secret to happiness is to find herself a big vat of glitter and Raspberry jelly, roll around in it while watching the “Sound Of Music” as William Shatner sings the complete works of Shakespeare. Or is that just me? (Yes dear it is just you!-Ed).If she were invisible for the day she would go to the Antarctic and shadow Pingu in order to learn from his mischievous ways! She would most like to be stuck on a desert Island with Julie Andrews – she’ll remain calm and sing me in an encouraging, inspiring fashion, in order to ease her frustrations at being so far from home and family! She’s eat every kind of pizza except anchovies, pineapple and donner meat! YUK! She’d follow that with a Galaxy bar. The secret of life itself is M’s fake cock, and her favourite organ in the body is the Liver! She is taken to wondering if there is any other kind of drink other than an alcoholic one! Her favourite song is “Karma Chameleon” By Culture Club or “I lost my Heart to a “Star ship Trooper” By Sarah Brightman. She’d most like to kiss Tom Jones! Her funniest moment as a Fork was the bus journey back from Frankenstein’s, Edinburgh with M, Emma, Blondie, Jen, Lynne, Nick and Barry! Mooning, Champagne and chatting up the driver! (Not to mention M’s drunken piano playing in Insomnia ‘til 3am!) Fabulous! If she was not doing “Rocky...” she’d be a god-fearing, church-going, respectable librarian! “See what you did to me!”

Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight? Hell Yeah!!