Theatre Royal Hanley's Narrator!!!

Creatures of The Night!

By Emma

During 1986, the Rocky group, under the guise of "Creatures of the Night", had two purposes: they introduced the film whenever it played at a cinema, and they performed a mini-show called the Rocky Horror Revue. The cast at that point was as follows:

Frank: Jim
Janet: Angie
Brad: Gordon
Riff: Nicky
Magenta: Ellie
Space Magenta: Lorna
Columbia: Sandra
Rocky: Rodney
Narrator: Martin
Director: Alice
Plus: David McKillop

{I donít know what Davidís role really was, but he did lots of printing and copying for the group at the office he worked in. He sent me lots of little bits and pieces, flyers etc!}

I was quite overwhelmed by this motley crew - they were, it seemed, quite a wild crowd and all quite a bit older than me. However, when they werenít winding me up, they were a cool bunch of people! Rehearsals took place every Thursday at the QM Union, which became a regular haunt to me at the tender age of 15.

The important thing to realise about Creatures, though, was that they were easily split into two halves: the folk who were into Rocky, and the folk who were into Amateur Dramatics. Eventually, when the group would fall apart, the Rocky contingent keep going, change and grow into something else again.

Over the next 8 years, Creatures of the Night performed at the following venues:

1986 Shows

7/8 March Grosvenor Cinema
10/11 October Grosvenor Cinema
15 November Classic Cinema Edinburgh
6 December Classic Cinema Edinburgh
20 December Classic Cinema Edinburgh

1987 Shows

16/17 January Grosvenor Cinema
March Queen Margaret Union
24/25 April Grosvenor Cinema
July Albacon Central Hotel
14/15 November Grosvenor Cinema
5 December Classic Grand Cinema

1988 Shows

30 January 26/27 Feb Grosvenor Cinema
31 October Glasgow University Union
18/19 November Grosvenor Cinema

1989 Shows

14/15 July AMC Clydebank
4/5 August AMC Clydebank
3/4 November AMC Clydebank

1990 Shows

16/17 Feb Grosvenor Cinema
16/17 March East Kilbride
2/3 November Grosvenor Cinema
10 November UCI East Kilbride

1991 Shows

3/4 December Grosvenor Cinema

1992 Shows

5/6 June AMC Clydebank
November East Kilbride
11/12 Dec Grosvenor Cinema

1993 Shows

Spring Strathclyde Uni
8 May Allan Park Cinema
29 May Allan Park Cinema
30 October Allan Park Cinema

1994 Shows

12 March Odeon, Glasgow
6 May Clydebank
June UCI East Kilbride

Updated: 15/01/04