Name: Edward Marlowe

Age: Old enough to lie about it. 35...
(I figure if I add a few years on, peeps will think I look so young...)
Occupation:Academic Lawyer. I specialise in internet regulation, with specific regard to pornography....
I do A LOT of research
Regular Character:With the Fork's as both male American Gothic and the Crim
Other Characters played:With Charming Underclothes, I am most commonly seen as the MC and portraying Riff Raff;
I have also appeared as Brad, Rocky and Eddie on a regular basis.
I did once play Frank for two numbers
(a last minute, unrehearsed stand-in, about which the less said the better!)
When Less Vulnerable kick off in November 2002, I will be mostly portraying Dr. Scott and MC.
Join date: A Guest Fork in March and May 2002;
Joined the Underclothes in November 1999 (the week after Transylvania ’99);
A presence in Less Vulnerable since its inception in 2001.

Edward feels that he could not even consider dignifying the question of sexual farmyard predelictions with an answer! Although if he were invisible for the day he'd go to Heathrow and get on a plane to somewhere far away and expensive to get to … obviously he wouldn't have to pay. Of course, the guilt apres le fact would be all consuming, but there you go. These sorts of things can happen when you're invisible for a day. He thinks the sexiest fork is Aunty Marty - But only when he dresses up as Janet. The nice girly one at the start of the film. He likes 'em innocent. That said he likes his fishnets Ripped! He'd most like to date Columbia or Magenta…."hmmmn… can't I have both? (One at a time, obviously. Otherwise that would just be wrong.)" Edwards idea of the secret to happiness is Dirty Pants, but a clean botty!!! He'd be dammned if he knew the secret to life itself! His favourite organ in the body was his appendix, but they took it awayfrom him (everybody - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww - ed) But Now, well… as Mark Twain once said, "My brain is my second favourite organ…" He doesn't do cheese, hence pizza isn't his bag. Baby. His funniest moment as a Fork was nearly missing his cue for the Crim's pre-dinner speech ("Food has always played a vital role in life's rituals…") through being distracted by watching for that note to be produced…(see Amy's entry!) He would like to be stuck on a desert island with Robinson Crusoe. He figures that he managed to get off the island he was on eventually, so he might be able to do it again. And if not, he was pretty adept at island survival… He would like to be stuck there with the song "Sheena is a punk rocker" by the Ramones, and to eat his favourite chocolate bar, a Picnic, but Uncle Chuckie would never allow him. To drink with that he'd want a nice smooth single malt whiskey. With no mixer - as John Wayne said "When I drink whiskey, I drink whiskey." He thinks kissing dead people is illegal (and after all he's the lawyer!-ed). If he wasn't doing "Rocky…" he be at the Betty Ford Clinic.

Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight? No