Name: Marty Fairgrieve

Age: You should never ask a Lady her age!
Charge Nurse
Regular Character:
Eddie & The EmCee
Other Characters played:
Them All!
Join date:
When exactly did they build Stonehenge???

If Uncle Marty was invisible for a day he’d nip into Le Bank of England and make sure that money would never be an object again. The sexiest Forks are the ones he’s slept with! He’d most like to kiss Ben Browder (John Chrichton in “Farscape”) (Truth be told he’d like to do a lot more than just kiss him!!!!)The “Rocky...” Character he’d most like to date would be Ross O’Hennesy as Rocky – Woof!!! Oh and Fishnets are sexiest ripped. He’d most like to be stuck on a desert island with either a great conversationalist or someone who has great survival skills – oh yeah and they have to be really well hung! Favourite Pizza is a Hawaiian (Ham & Pineapple) Fave chocolate bar is the new Mini Rollos – NO you can’t have my last one! All washed down with Champagne (Dom Peringone for choice) or Vodka Lime and Lemonade when I’m slumming it! The secret to happiness is knowing him and the secret to life itself is held between Frank’s legs – so we’ve heard. As far as he is concerned there is only ONE organ in the body worth talking about (A Big One!). Funniest moment as a Fork, there have been many but one of the funniest recently was Blondie in make-up in Brum summer 2002. He just couldn’t breathe! All time fave songs include (and it does all depend on his mood):
Joan Armatrading: All the way from America.
Bob Dylan: Baby Stop Crying’
ELO: Confusion
Neil Young: The needle and the damage done
Gloria Gaynor: I will survive
Boy George: Love Is Love
The soundtrack to “Taboo” or most musicals – hey I’m a Queen what do you expect!
If he wasn’t doing “Rocky...” He’d be running the universe full time, he has to do it in his spare time at the moment – Life is just Sooooooo busy!

Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight? Yes, but his beard was sooooo scratchy!