The End

This show is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Mr. John Wright.

It was with very mixed emotions that I approached the show at the Grosvenor Cinema on 30th June 2002. This would be the very last showing in the cinema, when this show came down the Grosvenor would be closing its doors for good as a picture house. The current management team has decided to gut it out and turn it into a bar/restaurant. They are still saying that there will be facilities to project movies once it reopens in 12-18 months time.

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" had been playing in The Grosvenor since 1980 and had a participation (in some form or another) from late 1981. For twenty years the Grosvenor has been the spiritual home of "Rocky…" in Glasgow. Oh, we had our ups and downs. There were times when we were banned because of the mess and there were sad times, like when we lost Mr. Wright, the Manager of the Grosvenor for many years, and a staunch supporter of "Rocky…" and us. Nevertheless, we had good times, met and made many new friends, and lit up the night as only "Rocky…" fans know how.

The night itself began with the usual hustle and bustle of moving the props and cozzies to the Grosvenor. There was a wonderful moment when we walked through the door and saw the large sign over the Box Office announcing that tonight's show was SOLD OUT! The excitement was starting - but there was still much preparation to do. The Junk was transported into the auditorium and everyone was asked to sort out their stuff and find a place in the fire escape - or dressing room as we call it! There were a couple of costumes that were secret from most of the cast. These had to be carefully hidden from all those prying eyes, if the gag for the end of the film was to work - more of this later!

The visiting cast members from England were a great help in selling propbags (which also sold out!) Moreover, of course they were all going to perform as well. We had had printed a large poster to advertise the show and this was placed at the entrance to the cinema (Thanks here to Robert Faulds). We supplied the gold/silver pens to allow everyone to sign it and we will get it framed as a momento of that night. (The poster is shown on this page!)

The show started with a rendition of "It's Raining Men" and "YMCA". Ian (as Magenta) and myself (as Columbia) were the "Weathered Girls" and during our chorus the "Village Scrubbers" came on -

Debz as the Indian
Claire as the Fire-fighter
Jenny as the Construction Worker
Emma C as the Leather Bitch
Pauline as the Cowhand
M as the Cop

They went down a storm! Meanwhile I am at the back jumping around trying to get into my Crushed Velvet suit to be the swauve EmCee to do the intro. I just made it! We sacrificed a few virgins using the "Fluffy Bunny Slippers" Game - one that involves lots of marshmallow and much choking! Then we were onto "Meet the Family" instead of the usual introduction of the "Rocky…" characters, we gave thanks to the Alumni who had turned up for one last fling. (Photos are on this page).

Carole as Floorshow Janet
Kate as Floorshow Columbia
Saff as Usherette/Columbia
Scary Neil as Brad

Also present (Although not performing) were:

Nelly previous Riff
Sam previous Dr. Scott
John the Hat previous Eddie (although Jon still is our resident photographer/Torch holder and all round good egg!) Done up that night as Eddie and his Teddy! (See photo!)

Then we had the Costume parade. The winners were A Satanic Mechanic (Clive), Space Riff (Brian - a man with a cake!) and the first prize went to The Criminologist (I don't know his name though.) After teaching the Time Warp and a few final thanks to the cinema staff, it was into the show!

My first appearance was as a wedding guest, still in my purple suit. Then off to change into the "Biggins Tranny". I had a plate of doughnuts to hand round and the audience were a little reticent at fist to take them but after one or two went there was no stopping them! It was great fun being a Tranny when we had lots of them, all of the visitors and a few of the forks were Trannys so each of the scenes that required them had the extra gravitas that they give.

And then finally it was off to change for the Space sequence. I was playing Space Magenta and Blondie was Space Riff. After the success we had in Birmingham with Homer & Marge Simpson, we thought it might be a good idea to try a different pair of characters and this time we pillaged the "Toy Story" movies for Woody and Buzz. (See the Pictures). The audience went wild and the cast most of whom had no idea what was coming, fell about laughing! The image was topped off when we used lines from "Toy Story" - for instance instead of Magenta's "How sentimental!" Buzz said "You're a sad, strange little man" and Woody said we were to return to "Andy's Room". The whole thing was a great success - so watch out for the next show!

After the show, many of the audience came up to tell us that they would miss the Grosvenor and our shows. As I helped to clean up the cozzies and props and to get them into bags and cases, I had a bit of a lump in my throat. This really was THE END - but the moment had been prepared for…

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