This first list is of Pictures of the group at the show, Before & After!

What's the Collective Name For A Group of Trannies?...A Radio?

Janet With Her Pals!

Space Magenta As You've Never Seen Her Before!


The Stage show finally arrived in Edinburgh this week(2nd-7th Nov 1998) and we were there to help things along with our usual banter and collection of dressed up people! Well the show was up to the usual standards (for a full review see the Forks Go Mad In Manchester Page). Most of us went dressed as film trannies. We had the Biggins tranny, the tranny with the 'fro!, the Arab tranny, the Red Headed tranny in the green shirt, Kimi Wong's Tranny, and a couple of others too! We also had a Lab Brad, A Riff and a space Magenta - more of her later!!! The First disappointment was the Gestapo on the stairs into the theatre, they were searching bags and removing almost everything, including cameras so I was only able to get some photos during the interval and at the end, they also wouldn't let me take my plate of cream cakes into the theatre - despite them being told it was part of my Biggins cozzie! Still the cloakroom staff were very good they didn't eat any of them so at the interval there were cream buns a-go-go! The show was well catalogued by Neil - photos are on the Left here! The Highlights for us of course were the times the cast directly interfaced with us, the best ones were - The Narrator giving me the Polaroid of Franks Wedding to Rocky (that's the photo you used to get here! Still it is reproduced better on the Left). During "I'm Going home" Frank allowed me to kiss his hand and then he sat on Iains knee (dressed as Space Mags!) and gave him a kiss!!! (made Iain's night!!!). Then all too soon it was over and time to go home! - The problem of having to see it in Edinburgh was that at 11:45pm we had to come right home no time for any of the parties we were invited to or even a visit to the pub! Still some fab memories and next our own charity show to look forward to!