The EmCee and Liza attend the Friday Night Performance!

A Group of Film Trannys attend the Saturday Night Performance!

A Group From Wrexham In The Pub After the Show


A report on 'The New Rocky Horror Stage Show'. Well what can I say the show was a wonderful surprise, The whole thing changed from its last outing. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
EM & I went to Manchester to see the show, I rather foolishly let my friends book the tickets. Now herein lies a lesson for us all -


They booked us into the GODS!!! You can never shout good lines from the GODS. Still at least we were going to the second show on the Saturday. So EM & I decided to book tickets for the Friday Night second show in the Stalls - we weren't together but hey this is ROCKY it's so easy to get lost in a crowd anyway!!!

I arrived in Manchester on the Thursday night, and M was due in on the early Friday evening, leaving no time to get to Chris' and back to town so we had to perform the transformations in a local Pubs Toilets - "Seen It! Done It! Eat the Snack! Wore the T-Shirt!" I hear you all shout, so off the Canal Street the heart of the local Gay Village.

We had decided to go to the show dressed as (for no apparent reason other than we thought it would be fun!) Sally Bowles & The EmCee from Cabaret - on the Friday (Check out the Photies!). While we were getting ready in the toilets (Gosh aren't Gay men so tolerant of whom they allow in their rest rooms!!!)We were informed by a member of the Shows crew that there was a good chance that Jason Donovan would not be appearing as Frank as he had has Migraines all week, and not able to perform at all during the Manchester run. But as is usual with Rocky the show is far more important than any one cast member.

So off we went looking $1m! Occasioning great comments and admiring looks from all that we met on the way to the Theatre!

The new sets are extremely minimal, that's the first thing that strikes you about the show, there is a definite move back to the original 'Theatre Upstairs' production, although not entirely that cheap! There has been quite a shake up in the costumes, new cozzies for -
THE PHANTOMS a cross between Early Victorian and 1950 rockers!
(I am reliably informed by some one who has just got a 2:1 for her theatrical costume design degree!!!)
RIFF RAFF again a heavier accent on Victorian styles,
MAGENTA more costumes in the style of her dinner gown - less French Maid,
COLUMBIA's only real change is her sparkly trainers rather than taps,
FRANKS cloak is lined with purple rather than silver,
EDDIE is dressed as a 50's rocker rather than a biker,
THE WHOLE CAST get silver versions of their first costumes for the walk down/curtain call! They look fantastic!

Sue Blane has obviously tried to make copycat fans lives a misery with this switch for the end!!!

The show's first surprise for us was the announcement that after recovering from a broken fingernail the part of Frank would be taken by Mr. Jason Donovan! Well that was great we were going to see the man himself perform! The show went well till Franks entrance - The stage split down the middle and a giant tongue extended towards us then the man himself tottered down to the center of it and he threw off the cloak, a good reaction from the audience but a rather lukewarm rendition of the great song! Our hearts sank a little "Was he fully recovered?" "Was he going to give a good show?" or even "Was he up to the part?" We needn't have worried once the song was over he gave a 'ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS' performance. Yes he was a cross between Pats (Ab Fab) & Tim from the movie! He was great one of the best Franks I've seen on stage! And well I have to say that I did manage to stop the show with a line to Ken Morely (Reg Holdsworth in Coronation Street). All in all a great show.

Saturday was fun too I went dressed as The Biggins Tranny from the movie, and Em went as the Tranny with the Two hats (Annabelle Leventon) See the piccys for these too. At the interval I met Kevin - he dresses as Trixie. I met him the first time at Transylvania '94 in London and then again at the 20th in LA in 1995. I shouted at him across the foyer and of course he didn't recognise me - I wasn't dressed as Eddie as I usually am. It was great to see him again. (See the piccys again) Into the "Stage Door" pub after the show and there were a load of rocky fans doing what comes naturally - HAVING FUN! It was a great weekend and I look forward to catching the show in Edinburgh in the fall!

Updated: 25/11/03