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By Martin and Emma

The birth of the new name for the group came in Em's flat, in June 1994.

It was a Saturday night, and there was a screening going on that evening at the UCI East Kilbride. Sadly, although we had attended the Friday screening, we were extraneous to requirements and not welcome on the Saturday. Due to a huge mix up in communications, the "other" group in East Kilbride (who we had first encountered in 1992) had insisted that they performed on the Saturday. We had graciously stepped aside and left them to it, meaning we all had a free evening. So the venue for tea and buns, or booze, or whatever, was the large communal living room of Em's rented flat in Hillhead.

We were all sitting round chatting about Rocky, most likely bitching about East Kilbride (and Friday had been a shite show anyway - with an audience of around 20 and we'd only sold 3 prop bags of the loads we'd made up specially that other night at Neil's flat), and trying to think up a cast name as we had not really had a name that we were all using since the time of "Creatures of the Night". Virtually the entire script had been dissected for possible names (Satanic Mechanics? no... Charming Underclothes?... already done... etc etc) until Nicky said "What about 'Dr. Scott's Extra Forks'?" and it was so silly, so ludicrous and so bizarre that it was absolutely unanimous - everyone agreed - yes that was to be our new name.

The next thing we needed was to get a set of photos of the group that could be used to promote both us and any screening of "Rocky". This would be ten times as difficult as getting a name as everyone's diaries proved to be almost impossible to coordinate! Eventually in August 1994 the venue was fixed as Martin's flat, and a rather late night - Carol was working so wouldn't arrive till after 10pm! Several cameras were pressed into service to make sure there were plenty of photos in lots of different poses, including a black & white film. At about 2am we finally called it a day (or a night!!!) Some of the results are displayed on the photo pages accessible from the column on the left.

The photoshoot was important to us as a group - not only did it give us a fab set of prints which made great publicity shots (and mugs for Xmas pressies!) - it gave us a strong sense of identity under our new cast name.

Updated: 15/01/04