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Dr Scotts' Extra Forks - Frank-N-Furter


Name: Emma Taylor

Age: Ol' Timer
Cinema Manager
Regular Character:
Other Characters played:
Have played all of them (bar Janet) in some form,
including Magenta and Crim for the whole movie.
Join date:
October 1986

What can we say about Oor Em...? Well there was that time that she...THAT'S ENOUGH! Do the biog! [Ed]. She would have sex with an ostrich in a barnyard - strange mental picture! If she were invisible for a day she would go to a farm and find an ostrich, well what else could you do! She thinks that fishnets are sexiest when not ripped and Fiendish is the sexiest Fork. THE Rocky character she would most like to be is the wedding guest who says "I always cry at weddings". A giant-sized sugar daddy named...Luther would be her fave chocolate bar, which she would take with a well made G&T. The secret to happiness is email filters that dump spam and questionnaires in the recycle bin, and the secret to life itself is the accident in Franks' pants! If she wasn't doing "Rocky..." she would probably be married with 2.4 kids and living in Bearsden, washing nappies for a living, or a psychopath. Her nicknames over time have included; Mizz M, EmmaFork, EmBem, ET and at one point, Jingles! Her fave song changes on a daily basis, at the moment its "Born to be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez (at least, that's what's stuck in her head just now!) She'd most like to Kiss Fiendish and be stuck on a desert island with him and a G&T, and any type of pizza from Sarti's! Her fave organ in the body is the 1930s cinema Wurlitzer up my passage…. And last but not least "Are you a Girl?" That's the funniest moment as a Fork. (If you don't understand just ask ANYONE they all know!)

Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?Yes, but it wasn't a lasting relationship.