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Grosvenor Cinema 11/11/94

by Emma

[Background story: at this point in my life I'd been working at the Grosvenor for nearly four years, the latter 2 on a full time basis after finishing Uni. It had been ok as a part time job but was losing its appeal now that I was there 6 days a week.] This particular Friday had been a very bad day at work for me, and ended up with a huge argument with the two managers. After storming out of the office, I decided to go home and cool off. I hadn't been planning to do the show, but I was so p****d off I decided to do it and threw on some makeup (I even drew on my own Boss tattoo) and went back to the cinema.

The show was in the Ashton, due to Pulp Fiction being contractually obliged to the larger screen, the Kelvin. As I was actually officially still on duty, I took the tickets at the cinema door wearing Frank lab greens (and shades, for some reason unknown to even me!) Also unknown to me until then was that we (i.e. the Forks) were handing out little leaflets, stating our interest in recruiting new members to bolster our (still small, though tight) group.

The show was fun, mainly due to my aforementioned mean mood. Carole, Saff and Julie-Ann did a pre-show of the Time Warp (the then-current 1994 Australian stage show style), with Carole amazingly changing from Riff to Janet in minutes.

When the time in the movie came for Sweet T, I positioned myself at the back of the cinema. Just as the Time Warp ended, who should walk in but the boss. The entrance at the front of the cinema, he walked right up the aisle and stopped right behind me. Oh well! I thought, Here goes, and just stomped down there and did the whole Tim Curry shebang. I could see him watching and feel his glower and I couldn't have cared less. Funnily enough, as he told me later, "it was this big bloke in a cloak, he stomps doon the aisle, and throws off his cloak and jings it was my bloody cashier all along!" I think he eventually found the whole thing funny!

I had had enough by around Hot Patootie (I think this was one of Martin's first performances in his shit-hot Eddie costume), and went away to get changed. I went into the ladies where I made friends with some rather pally chaps who were "freshening up" in there, and were delightful company. Eventually I returned to the cinema, in a far cheerier mood!

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