The End Of The Grosvenor Cinema Glasgow.


A View from the Wheelchair by Pauline

After lots of planning and preparation, the long awaited arrival of the Grosvenor's farewell performance of "Rocky Horror" had arrived. The leaflets had been distributed, the poster was up in the box office of the Grosvenor, the T-shirts were packed and ready for their new owners and the camera was fully loaded with film ready to be used. The only stress now was to get myself to Glasgow and move the props to the cinema

After picking up Emma and squashing as many props into my wee car as possible, we made it to the cinema and unpacked the car. But once inside the cinema and organised it was a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of time before the hoards or people decided to descend upon the cinema. But before we knew it, it was time to start the show.

Martin and Ian kicked of the show with the Weather Girls "It's raining men" and mid song, it changed to YMCA. This was the first time I had done YMCA as part of the pre show and the crowds reaction was FANTASTIC! 300 people all doing YMCA was an amazing sight, I only wish I had a camera to capture the moment.

Before the virgin sacrifices, many thanks and acknowledgements had to be said to past cast members, people in the background of the Forks and last but not least.........the cinema staff, who had put up with our antics for so many years. Once all the sacrifices had been done, with the help of the fluffy bunny slippers game it was time.......Let the show begin!

The show was kicked off with Saff doing Trixie.......even at the beginning, seeing the red lips on the screen and thinking this was it's the beginning of the end.

I must be honest and say that I don't remember much of the goings on in the plan was to get as many pics as possible while not doing anything.

The scariest moment for me was having a large cake balanced on my head while its being cut with dummy knives(the look of fear was real!!!!!)

There are 2 memorable moments for me..........

During the Time Warp the film broke down and the space Riff and Magenta surprise.

The highlight of the night has to be when Space Riff & Magenta the form of Woody and Buzz from Toy Story!!!!!! I laughed so hard I almost fell out of Dr Scotts' wheelchair.

The next thing I know it's the moment I had been dreading for weeks........hearing the narrators voice at the end of superheroes and then science was the end of an era.......with a few bottle of sparkling Champers to celebrate that little bit of cinema history that was the Grosvenorů

The End