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Name: Layla McCay

Age: 21
superefficient secretary, punctuation policewoman,
Rockyscot webmistress and excessively enthusiastic kidney devotee
(also medical student)
Regular Character:
Magenta and Usherette
Other Characters played:
Riff Raff. Once. I am a creature of habit :)
Join date:
April 1998

No one has ever given her a nickname, well not to her face! (Altogether: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! - Ed). She could not begin to imagine which farmyard animal she would have sex with, but she thinks the sexiest Fork is: Layla! Fishnets are sexier not ripped (Although ripped has a certain slutty appeal...). When asked which of the characters from “Rocky...” she would most like to date she said “Frankly none of them. They are a bunch of self-obsessed freaks with only one thing on their minds. (Well that’s telling them! – Ed) When pushed she said, Columbia might be the best of a bad lot, but she wasn’t sure how long she could stand that voice! If she was invisible for a day she would wreak revenge upon people she hates in the manner of scary vengeful poltergeist! (So don’t upset her!!! – Ed). Her funniest moment as a Fork was realising that undressing a certain Brad, she had removed a little more than she had intended! If stuck on a desert island, she would like her family with her (Strange most people site that as one of the best bits about being on a desert island – i.e. being AWAY from their family!!!! – Ed). Her all time favourite song is “It’s Raining Men” The Weather Girls. She’d have a G’n’T a honeycomb Yorkie, she seems to be under the impression that it is most certainly for girls (NaUuuH – Ed). Her favourite Pizza is a BIG one – oh and you can order your own: just because it’s big doesn’t mean she wants to share! Her favourite Body organ is the Kidney, apparently, there is no contest! She’s not sure who she wanted to kiss but Miss Piggy was a choice! The secret to happiness is Laughter!

And the secret to life itself is Chocolate! If she wasn’t doing “Rocky...”

she would be discovering a cure for AIDS,
working with disabled orphans in Romania,
ending third world hunger,
winning Olympic gold for the pentathlon,
negotiating truces between all warring parties,
inventing chocolate with no calories,
and figuring out the secret of life (in the event it turns out not to be chocolate).

Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight? That wasn't me! Honestly! Why must you keep up this interrogation?