The Forks Kick Butt!!!(well a little!)



A few years ago - see the FORKS TO THE FRONT section - we did a show in the Odeon Renfield Street Glasgow. There were loads of Forks present, the biggest gathering we had had to that date and some characters we don't normally have were there!!! and we were in Odeon 1. When we got the call to say "HI, WE'RE THINKING OF DOING ROCKY HORROR, WOULD YOU BE AVAILABLE?" Would we ever!!! we could hardly wait to see the film again on that huge screen - then common sense struck, That auditorium holds 1200 people we were never going to fill it, in June. So we advised that they hold it in one of their more intimate theatres, they concurred and we were pleasantly surprised to get a nearly sell out house. They were, like us in Party mood. Well the photos show where, what and most importantly WHO we got up to! We sold out of prop bags almost immediately so there were lots of disappointed little faces! Still if they shared with a friend... The show was a stonker, a willing audience and ready cast what more could a body ask for?? The show was such a success that we are asking the Odeon to see if they would be interested to try it again once the students return in Nov/Dec. Crossed fingers - thanks to all the Odeon staff, they were great (if a bit bewildered by the goings on!!!)

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