Name: Kenny Anderson

Age: 20
Occupation: Customer support officer for Llyods TSB. So there!
Regular Character: Rocky
Other Characters played:Brad, once upon a time
Join date: Good question......dunno

Kenny’s nicknames are Sexpest, Dr. Kenneth and “Hey You” (we of course only have his word for this!) The farmyard animal that he’d most like to have sex with is a sheep (How could he betray his Highlands Roots by choosing anything else?) If he were invisible for the day he’d watch people’s PIN numbers and then he’d nick their cards (what a naughty highland lad we have here, maybe we should punish him?) His fave alcoholic drink is Southern Comfort and Coke – Or in fact anything he doesn’t have to pay for (we really are developing a Highland theme here! – Ed). He thinks the sexiest Fork is hard (OOOOH! EEEEEERRRR! Mrs.) but if pushed Debz!!! Fishnets look sexier ripped – it adds to the trashiness of them. The “Rocky...” Character he’d most like to date is Columbia because she is so full of energy. The funniest moment with the forks was being asked how much it would cost to buy him rather than the prop bag! His favourite song is liable to change each week, at the moment it is “Romeo & Juliet” by Dire Straits. If stuck on a desert Island the person he’d most like to be there with is the person with a boat! When asked what was his favourite organ in the body he replied “In My body, or someone else’s?” (I leave it to you the jury to decide!-Ed) The secret to happiness is feeling good about yourself and feeling other good people! He can’t tell you the secret to life itself, if he did he’d have to kill you, but he can tell you he’s hiding it in his pants (Well as far as I’ve heard there’s plenty of room in there! – Ed). His favourite pizza is Hawaiian and Nuts about Caramel is his Favourite Chocolate bar. If he wasn’t doing “Rocky...” he’d probably be in Elgin, being a boring fart.

Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight? No, But I have danced with angel on the head of a pin