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Strathclyde Uni March 95

(memoirs by Emma)

We performed at Strathclyde University Union as part of Comic Relief night. As usual there was a signing-in kerfuffle at the front door, which was even worse this time as there were a good few of us. Before the show we trawled the building (which was deader than usual) looking for trade, and failing! Four of us (Martin, 2 of the newbies and myself) ended up in the Level 8 disco which had lots of fun inflatables set up, and we all got into the Bouncy Boxing - which amused the few people sitting around enjoying a quiet drink.

The show itself ....well, it was almost unpleasant. Atmosphere/knife etc. Martin and I were giggling in a corner for no apparent reason other than we had thought up a "natural born killers/fag hags" joke which nobody got and wasn't funny anyway. Kate had come along wearing her own Columbia costume, which Saff didn't feel happy about. Riff was played by Eva (a newbie with a great haircut for Riff) and I think certain old timers felt she was too new to handle such an important part (which I thought was bull). Plus there was the usual atmosphere you have where no one is 100% comfortable.

All in all it wasn't a show I enjoyed very much. I started to feel quite thankful that I was going to miss the next 5 months of the group's progress.

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