Name: Pauline

Age: 26
Occupation:Admin & Web Developer for this site
Regular Character: Kimmy Wong & American Gothic
Other Characters played:Dr Scott
Join date: Dec 2001

Pauline is one of our newest recruits and like most of the group had a baptism of fire, the "Oh yeah we have a show next week can you play the Kimi Wong Tranny and do the props? That's great any questions? No Good see you at the show!!! The farmyard animal she would most like to perform with is a big Bull (for obvious reasons [and I thought it was only the groups gay contingent that were Size Queens!-Ed]) and speaking of that Blondie is the sexiest Fork she thinks! She'd cause havoc if she could be invisible for the day, and if she wasn't doing "Rocky Horror..." she'd be in the pub.......or living a sad life in a sleepy town. She has too many nicknames to list! And there have been too many funniest moments with The Forks to pick just one! She also feels that Fishnets are sexier if they are not ripped. If stuck on that desert Island she'd like a vodka and Red Bull served by Tim Curry, listening to any Hootie and the Blowfish song. She would like a stuffed crust pizza with any topping except anchovies (boak) and olives (double boak!) Followed by a Galaxy Fruit and Hazelnut. The secret to happiness is Orgasm, and she is still searching for the secret to life itself!

Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight? No, But I think i've dated him