Allanpark "Inema", Stirling
9th & 10th May 1997

(by Emma)

May 9th/10th 1997: Allanpark Inema, Stirling. (The cinema was still missing the C from its neon sign, since our first visit in 1992!) By this time Rocky was going through a pretty bad drought and the group had dwindled considerably. Saff was pretty hard up while at college in Edinburgh and couldn't afford to get through on the Friday night and I don't remember what Carole was doing. The "cast" on Friday consisted of Martin, myself and Nelly, who was somehow persuaded to come along with the promise of some beer! Plus Ian who very kindly drove us through.

The show was unmemorable, other than my injury - I started Sweet T on the stage and jumped off, landing poorly and straining a muscle in my left foot! After Sweet T, I changed into Rocky and Martin into Frank for Sword of Damocles, which was very painful for me! (What was worse was seeing the Doctor the next day and trying to think of a "reasonable" excuse for my injury).

Saff managed to make it through for the Saturday show - Martin and I went by train and met Saff off the Edinburgh train at the station. As usual, Saturday night was more together and fun than Friday, there were folk there dressed up (including Pam Mackay who would later join us after the Odeon 98 show) for example. In fact I got some hard stares from them, I think due to wearing Doc Martens (with a Tubigrip bandage underneath!) to do Frank.

Still the show was lots of fun, although at that point our group was dwindling away to a hard core of somewhere between 2 and 4 people! We got a lift home from John the projectionist, who I knew from my days with CAC, he and Martin had a chat about this, that and the next thing while Saff and I started to doze in the back.

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