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Allanpark Cinema, Stirling
December 1994

by Emma

[This show took place about one month after the Nov 1994 Grosvenor, when we had acquired our new members]

The show was planned shortly before Xmas 1994 and the troops were rallied for the journey. The mini-bus delivered us and we were shown to our usual dressing room. All the "old-hand" Forks are there, plus the "new people". Martin and I introduced the show as a double act - both in our lab greens. We sneaked back to the dressing room at the bedroom scene for a fag break, and I prepared my stunt for later....I wore a kimono for the rest of the show, and at the beginning of the Floorshow I scurried behind the curtain for the first 4 verses.

At the RKO fanfare I (eventually) emerged wearing a fur trimmed red corset, Santa hat and tinsel, to riotous laughter and applause from the audience. Of course none of the four Floorshow characters could see until we all got into the "pool", and their ignorance made it even funnier. The show was (as always) good fun, but alarm bells should have been ringing even then about how we were trying to make the group work. We had recruited these new members en masse, catching them all at their most excited (as members of the audience) and propelling them into the group, which at that point consisted of a small but dedicated and very very close knit group of people (okay, well, what we were was a clique). They were enthusiastic people, but perhaps none of us were ready for an overnight change in the group dynamic, and eventually over time most of the new additions dwindled away, excepting Robbie and Chris who did stick around, and the group more or less reverted to its original membership.

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