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Grosvenor Cinema 12/11/94

By Emma

This show immediately followed the one on Friday 11th Nov, and was more enjoyable as I was in a far better mood all round. Until of course Nicky made a diversion from routine. After getting everyone to learn to Timewarp, we usually counted the film in with the lips chant. However, something funny was going on. Nov 13 is my birthday and everyone started to sing happy birthday to me while bringing out the most beautiful cake, in the shape of a gothic castle, complete with a dome on top and Transylvanian flag. It was hell of an embarrassment!!! Well no it was actually a lovely gesture. The cake tasted great too, though it took us quite a while to get through it (read about 10 minutes between four of us....)

This was a dynamite show. We had earlier on decided to do only this, that and the next bit, and of course we ended up throwing caution to the wind and doing quite a bit of the film - doing the lab scene, as I recall, touch-a and floor show.

This show marked the end of an era for the Forks. It was shortly after this night that Nicky announced that, after all these years of leading and introducing the show, he was hanging up his heels for good - he was quitting Rocky Horror. He had been playing mostly Rocky, and often handing over the MC slot to Martin (or on the odd occasion a "double act" of Martin and one other) for some time now. He was still however a king ping of the group - things changed dramatically with his passing.

Other major changes were due to the leaflets we'd handed out that and the previous night, advertising our need of new members. We had a very good response and a lot of people who turned up at the show were interested in joining the group. So we got everyone together one night at Saff's house for a meeting about what was involved. Everyone was very enthusiastic about it, but I had my doubts... The Stirling show confirmed them.